Cultural Activities & Sport

Arts - Drawing & Painting

The Children are involved in different arts. Drawing and painting is one of it, to stimulate their abilities and as a tool of expression. For some of the kids it became even a profession and leaded them to self-sustainability.

Music and theater groups

ASEM organized four times tours in Maputo, Italy and Switzerland with 20 kids between 13 and 19 years of age. Hundreds of performances were given.

One of the goals was to present a part of our work to our sponsors, organize exchange programs between schools within their socio-cultural programs and to create a better understanding and tolerance between different cultures.

Creation & Handicraft

Art is a different kind of vocational training that can help the children and young adults to gain self-esteem, self-respect and self-sustainability, rather than begging in the streets and selling their baby body for a piece of bread.


Apart from being a source of entertainment and physical fitness, sport, just as cultural activities, is as well a tool for psychological rehabilitation.

Sport is a powerful social and educational tool to educate children on leadership,  promote peace, solidarity, tolerance, diversity, inclusiveness and give children hope for the future. It can build bridges between different social groups and better mutual comprehension and dialogue.

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