Celebrities for ASEM

Rosa Maria Meister

The famous opera singer is

​Ambassador of ASEM

La Velle Duggan

Jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues Singer

Performing together with our kids

Paladium - Geneva 2007

Sangoma Everett

Jazz Drummer

Together with local musicians

at ASEMs' Macurungo Center 

in Beira 1995

Sangoma Everett

On the Drums with Barbara on the Sax

Saint Cergues 1996

Kirk Lightsey

Jazz pianist

Kirk, Sangoma and La Velle,

as well as Jerome Van Jones, 

offered their talent to ASEM's children in the nineties

Jocelyne Béroard - Kassav

Singer and Songwriter

Performed in favour of the Children of ASEM

at the Arena of Geneva's Arthur's Club

in 1996

Valentino Rossi

Motorcycle racer and multiple 

MotoGP World Champion

Auction evening for ASEM

with Barbara in Rome 2002

Howard McCrary

Musician, entertainer and actor

In Los Angeles together with Barbara at the McCrary Foundation Charity dinner 2014

Mauro Magni


Always present and supporting ASEM

during the last 18 years with different initiatives

Daniela Poggi

Film and stage actress

In Rome together with Barbara

presenting ASEMs' Book: "Il Cielo Aperto" 

by Fabrizio Biaggi 2007

Marzio Marzot

Photographer and author

Ambassador of ASEM

Always present and supporting ASEM

for over 20 years. 

Author of ASEM booklet: "I figli del Mondo"

Anna Maria Gallone

Film producer and writer

Supporter of ASEM and Producer

of the documentary

"Barbara's Hug" 2005

Giulietto Chiesa

Journalist and author

Former Director of ASEM's newspaper "MWANA"

Fabio Sartor

Theater, cinema and television actor

In Padova with Barbara

Performed at Verdi Theatre Padova

to support ASEM's kids in 2018




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