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About ASEM

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Video produced by ASEM Canada in 2012

What is ASEM

ASEM (Association en faveur de l’Enfance Mozambicaine) is a non-profit organization based in Beira. ASEM was first created in Switzerland by Barbara Hofmann's personal engagement, followed by ASEM-Mozambique in 1999, in Mozambique.

During the civil war (1977 to 1992), which lasted 15 years, Barbara campaigned for war orphans and street children on site and started the development of ASEM.

She soon received support from family and friends in Switzerland, which led to the official founding of ASEM Suisse in 1991.


Barbara, who is living in Mozambique since 1989, organizes and coordinates the work and is Chairman of the fiscal council of ASEM Mozambique.  

What is ASEM doing

"The one who opens a school door closes a prison." (Victor Hugo)

ASEM realizes projects in benefit of children and young adults living in situation of vulnerability and orphans. We place great emphasis on sustainability and mainly support projects in the following areas:


  • Schools and its functioning

  • Basic education, vocational training and advanced training

  • Health, psychological and social support

  • Personal development through sport, art and culture, and social integration

  • Economic self-sufficiency through agriculture

ASEM internationally

ASEM is international. Its great work won over not only family and friends in Switzerland, but supporters who founded organizations under the name of ASEM, worldwide,

to help the Children of Mozambique.


There are also volunteers in Holland, Portugal, Dubai and Taiwan who are committed to ASEM Mozambique.

ASEM-Mozambique is partnering  with many international organizations and foundations.

Our Team

Barbara Hofmann

Founder President

ASEM Internationally

Jose Castelo Valentim

Representative and Director General 

ASEM Mozambique

Zacarias Jose Ferro

Sociologist and Head of Social Department

ASEM Mozambique

Estrela Victorino Guambe

Administration and Coordination

ASEM Mozambique

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