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Barbara Hofmann was born on March 8, 1962 in Switzerland. After training in business administration and finance, she worked in banks and multinational companies for seven years.


In 1989 destiny brought her to Beira, Mozambique. The harsh reality of the almost thirty-year of war (war of independence 1964-1974 and civil war 1977-1994) and unspeakable poverty led her to dedicate her life to the orphans in Mozambique. Today she enjoys a high reputation worldwide with many organizations, companies and private individuals.

In 1990 Barbara developed a project for a Children's Center in Beira. She negotiated with the Minister for Social Welfare, Education, Health and the local authorities, and in 1992 she managed to open the first Home for war orphans. Soon more than 300 children found shelter, education and food.In 1991 Barbara founded ASEM Switzerland. Many volunteers ensured that urgently needed support was collected and transferred to Beira.

In 1999 followed the creation of ASEM Mozambique and ASEM Italy, 2005 ASEM Canada and in 2016 Friends of ASEM USA.

In January 2001, Barbara contracted life-threatening malaria falciparum. For over one month she was in a coma in a hospital in Johannesburg - dialysis, artificial respiration and nutrition, intravenous transfusions. Barbara survived this serious illness, but her liver, lungs and kidneys took almost 5 years to recover.

Thanks to the extraordinary local staff of ASEM-Mozambique and their great commitment, all projects were able to continue during this difficult period.

Since 1990 Barbara has worked for ASEM and its projects in favor of vulnerable Children and orphans in Mozambique as a volunteer. She worked consistently and hard on the goals of ASEM.

As early as 2005, over 300 children lived in the two Centers Manga and Macurungo in Beira and over thousands of children and adolescents attended ASEM's free schools.

To date, ASEM has helped over 170,000 children with schooling, vocational training, health, social and psychological support.

ASEM Mozambique works only with local staff. Many of them are former beneficiaries who, after their training, put their knowledge and skills at the service of ASEM and thus enable other children to receive the opportunity they once received to thrive in life.

Today, Barbara works mainly in the following areas:


  • Staff training

  • Psychological support

  • Fundraising & PR

  • General supervision & Strategic development

  • Project development

Barbara's tireless efforts for the children in Mozambique earned her a high reputation and many awards such as:

  • Ahmadiyya Peace Award 2019 by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, London 2020, postponed due to CoVi19

  • Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of Selvazzano Dentro (PD), Italy, in September 2017

  • "THE ONE” Award by the Rotary Club Hong Kong district 3450, June 2014 in Hong Kong

  • “Award of Goodness” by the National Union of the Knights of Italy, in Padova, in November 2013

  • “Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation & the Federation “Women for World Peace" in Padova, Italy, 2009

  • "First prize of the City of Ostia"- Ostia, Italy, in June 2007 for her book "Um dia sera poesia"

  • Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of San Giorgio in Bosco, Italy, in December 2003

  • Honorary Citizenship by Mayor of Limena, Italy, in 2003

  • The "Ambassador for Peace" by the International Center for Peace between Nations of Assisi, Italy, in 2003

  • The "Rose of Sympathy" by the City Council of Rome, Italy, in 2003

  • The "Mimosa de Oro" from the Blue Drop Group in Palermo, Italy, in 2002

  • The “Woman of the Year” award by the Regional Government of Val d’Aosta, Italy, in 2002

  • The "SCUDO d'ARGENTO" from the "Istituto Scudi di San Martino", Italy, in 2000

  • The "Chevalier de l'Ordre National de Mérite" from the French President Jacques Chirac, 1997

  • The "Aeschenkollegium" in Basel, Switzerland, in 1997

Find out more on Barbara's personal website!

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