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ASEM’s primary school "Jorge José Traquino - Macurungo" in Beira has been offering schooling to children from the first to the seventh grade since 1993. The school pays special attention to orphans and vulnerable children and provides psychological and material support to them.

School functioning

Since 2007, the Mozambican Ministry of Education pays the wages of all teachers of our school .


ASEM Mozambique bears all other costs.

Expansion urgently needed

With the development of the surrounding residential area and the associated increase in the population in Macurungo, it is urgent to increase the available space at our school - especially for secondary school education for girls, to support the community of Macurungo and the surrounding districts with cultural and economic growth.

Although the area is adequately supplied with primary schools, many are mostly private therefore inaccessible for the economically weaker. In addition, there is only one secondary school in Macurungo. This means that due to this situation, many students cannot proceed after completing grade 7 and are therefore forced to stop their education.

Due to this reality, poor families usually do not even try to register their children. This prevents further education especially for girls and therefore also their social emancipation.


To meet this need, ASEM received approval from the Mozambican Ministry of Education in 2013 to teach secondary classes from 8th to 10th grades (ESG1), nevertheless, to introduce the new classes, the school needs:


5 new classrooms, each of which can accommodate 60 students

2 new administration offices and 1 new staff room

After this expansion, the school will be able to teach around 900 additional students, including 60% girls.

How can you help?

Your donation can be one-off or recurring and will be used as follows (cost information depends on the exchange rate and price development):

  • Cyclone IDAI, March 2019 – The children still need your help: Read more!

  • School material for a child (books, notebooks, pencils etc.) - $ 190 per child per year

  • School clothes (backpack, uniform, shoes) - $ 60 per child per year

  • Educational Directors salary (primary and secondary): $ 420 per month

  • Subsidy for evening school teachers in secondary education - $ 900 per month

  • Operating staff salaries - $ 750 per month

  • Guards salary - $ 525 per month

  • Operating costs of the center & school (electricity, cleaning, etc.) - $ 560 per month

  • School desks and blackboards - $ 200

  • Tables and chairs - $ 420 per table with 4 chairs

  • Renovation and maintenance of the infrastructure (building, surroundings, etc.) - $ 340 per month

Planned projects

If you would like to get involved in one of the expansion projects, we would be happy to send you the relevant project documents:

  • Construction of a secondary school and university

  • A library (required by the Ministry of Education)

  • A sports field, partially covered

Feel free to contact us!

Jorge José Traquino

After a fatal car accident involving our former director and "father" of thousands of children, ASEM decided to name its schools after him: "Jorge José Traquino - Macurungo School" and "Jorge José Traquino - Manga School". In his honor and in gratefulness for the great work he has done to contribute to a better world.


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