Social and Health Support

Social Support

During 2018 ASEM helps its beneficiaries with didactic material, uniforms and school support, food and clothing. Psychological support is an important part of the daily work of our social assistants. Helping to find solutions to different problems and protecting – resolving issues of child abuse.

Community support

Water wells were built to help the communities to have access to clean water without walking long distance.

The construction of the house for Sara proceeded. It will be able to house the girl and her little brothers who are orphans and have never had a stable lasting place since they have always lived in borrowed houses in advanced state of degradation.

Health support

Our beneficiaries benefit from medical support when they are sick. The problems such as stomach pain, headache, diarrhea, toothache, tuberculosis and malaria are common.
In addition to medicine assistance that they receive, they benefit as well from a special diet and hygienic material to help for a good and speedy recovery. 
The accompaniment and support of children with HIV / AIDS is also part of our work. Generally, the children have contracted the disease in their mother's womb.

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