Our Projects

ASEM Beira - Sofala Province

Macurungo Center

From 2007 on all the children living at the home since 1992 have been reintegrated into their direct or extended families; 80% of the young adults have been enrolled at vocational training colleges or helped in finding a job and housing within their community. The younger children (20%) have been reintegrated into the community with scholastic support and the promise from ASEM to find a sponsor for future social support and vocational training.

Manga Center

From 2007 on, 20 children remain at the Manga Center, most of whom are fully orphaned or children coming from extreme situations, for which ASEM is working in collaboration with private and governmental organizations in order to find integration within the community. The other kids, thanks to the continuation of ASEM’s support, have been reintegrated into their direct or extended families.

Gorongosa Center

The Gorongosa Center is multi functional. In collaboration with local partners’, workshops and vocational training programs in different areas, benefiting the population of nearby districts, are hold. Support programs for the needed communities and temporary hosting of people in different situation of vulnerability.

Vocational Training

Agriculture, carpentry, sawing, electricity, engineering, administration, business management, arts and design, computer technology, and others. Some of these programs are fulfilled by correspondence or in training centers.

Our Projects

ASEM Vilankulo - Inhambane Province

Majianza Cultural Center

Art - music - theater acting - singing are tools for psychological rehabilitation, to maintain the roots with local tradition and culture, to enjoy life and to empower each child's abilities.

Pre-School ETS

ETS Pre-School started its program in 2009. 80% of the Children attending do not speak Portuguese, but the local language "Xitsua". We teach them in Portuguese, the official language in Mozambique. Children between 2 and 6 years of age are prepared for primary school.

Busara Agricultural Project

The crops produced by the agriculture team serve partially to prepare the food for the children, beneficiaries of the Kindergarten and the Majianza Cultural Center. This offers not only a good and healthy nutrition, but also helps to increase the self-esteem of the kids that participate in producing it. Busara Project aims as well partial self-sustainability of ASEM's activities and its beneficiaries.

Social support

Through our different Schools and Centers in Beira, Gorongosa and Vilankulo, ASEM entered into 2018 with over 6,000 beneficiaries with an age range from 5 years to 22 years of which over 60% are girls.

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