Pre-School ETS


ETS Pre-School started its program in 2009. 80% of the Children attending do not speak Portuguese, but the local language "Xitsua". We teach them in Portuguese, the official language in Mozambique. Children between 2 and 6 years of age are prepared for primary school.

Environmental Education

The children have been involved in planting trees., flowers and crops This activity is very positive and it is already remarkable to see the love for the environment in children who are empowered to take care of the plants every day, irrigate them and control and learn about their growth.

Food Support

All of the kindergarten kids and other children from the community, total over 300 children, continue to receive a daily meal, composed of rice or “xima” (maize flour), fish, vegetable or beans, lettuce and fruits (seasonal). Because of the low family incomes in the community, hunger is still a widespread and serious problem. Many children suffer from malnutrition, but our feeding program helps to mitigate this situation.
We have also introduced moringa leaves into their diet, which provides a high nutritional value. For many children it is the only meal they get per day.  

Alphabetization for adults

Only 58.8% of the population aged 15 or over is able to read and write (the percentage for women only falls to 45.4%), in addition the percentage of women over 25 with a secondary education is only 1.5% against 6.02% of men.

Therefore ASEM supports the alphabetization program, mainly followed by women, to help them overcome this situation. For many of them, while attending classes, their children are taken care of at the ETS kindergarten.

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