Majianza Cultural Center

The Theatre

Art - music - theater acting - singing are tools for psychological rehabilitation, to maintain the roots with local tradition and culture, to enjoy life and to empower each child's abilities.

Public performance - Plays and performances are presented in markets, the local hospital, schools, and many different locations; addressing health issues - environmental realities, Children rights, and other themes of interest to the community.

Art Studio "Davide"

Drawing and painting is a method used to teach numbers and letters to the pre-school aged children.

It is as well used as a tools for psychological rehabilitation, expression and creation.

Creation and handicraft

Handicraft - sculpting - iron sculpting - mosaic​ ​are as well tools for psychological rehabilitation.  

It is a different kind of vocational training that can help the children and young adults to gain self-esteem, self-respect and self-sustainability, rather than begging in the streets and selling the baby body for a piece of bread.

Within the training program, the artists create together with other artists and young adults different sculptures to embellish the Centers' environment. At the Art Studio, all floors were done in mosaic. It was a part of a training program for young adults.

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