Macurungo Center & School

What was the home and the school for thousands of children (1992 to 2010 ) evolved into an Educational Center with different programs related to the socio-economic integration, psycho-social support, defense of Children’s right, vocational training and creation of self-sustainable activities for the beneficiaries and ASEM Mozambique. Today, the Macurungo Center helps over  2000 children for schooling and within different community based social programs. 

Macurungo School

The premises that used to be the vocation training facilities are now used as classrooms and for extra- curricular activities.


ASEM’s primary school "Jorge José Traquino” (***) provides education to children for over twenty years and is teaching from grade 1 to 7. The school gives a special attention and support to orphans and children living in situation of vulnerability.
Thousands of children have had the opportunity to graduate after conclusion of our Macurungo School.

The Macurungo School year 2018 started with 1260 students, including 673 girls. The Ministry of Education pays the salary (since 2007) of the 22 teachers that are lecturing the children.  ASEM is paying the administrative staff of the School and its functioning. At this moment we have a total of 7 classrooms.


At the beginning of the 2018 school year, 54 students had enrolled in the evening course, secondary education, to which 26 others were added during the first quarter for a total of 80 students, of whom 37 are boys and 43 are girls.  
In the evening course, 9 professors teach Portuguese, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Visual Education.

With the growth of the district and the consequent increase of the surrounding population of Macurungo, there is an urgent need to increase the available vacancy at our school; especially for secondary school education, to enable the community of Macurungo and surrounding neighborhoods to emerge culturally and economically.

If the primary schools are sufficiently rooted in the territory, although many are private and therefore inaccessible to the economically weaker, but, in Macurungo, there is only one secondary school. This means that many students, after completing grade 7, are not able to be admitted to the only secondary school due to full enrollment and are forced to stop studying.
In view of this, poor families do not even try to register their children, thus preventing any possible chance for further education mainly for girls, and consequently of cultural and social emancipation.

ASEM's Macurungo Office

All the activities ASEM-Beira is leading are coordinated from the main office situated next to the Macurungo Center by a staff of 4 people.

To address this need, ASEM has obtained the authorization from the Mozambican Ministry of Education in 2013, to teach secondary education from grade 8 to 10 (ESG1) at its schools, but to activate the new courses it is necessary to expand the school with:
•  5 new classrooms, which can accommodate 60 students each (per 

•  2 administrative offices and 1 teacher room;

This new facility is urgently needed to further educate up to 900 students, of which about 60% are female.


(***) Following a fatal car accident of our former director and "Father" to thousands of Children, ASEM decided to nominate its schools after him, “Jorge José Traquino - Macurungo School " and "Jorge José Traquino - Manga School ", to honor him and the great work he has done to contributed to make a better World.

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