Gorongosa Center

The Gorongosa Center is multi functional. In collaboration with local partners’, workshops and vocational training programs in different areas benefiting the population of nearby districts are hold. Support programs for the needed communities and temporary hosting of people in different situation of vulnerability.

Education & Outreach

As part of the ongoing collaboration with the Local Government, 30 multi-purpose health agents from different localities of the district are being hosted and trained at ASEM Gorongosa Centre.
The training covers issues related to public health, home care, importance of breastfeeding, HIV AIDS, tuberculosis and childbirth care, maternal and child care. Training will benefit the surrounding Gorongosa communities in public health.

Community Development

ASEM started a micro-credit program for the construction of small projects within the local community.

The construction of a chicken coop for the creation of caferal chickens, using local material (poles and canes) will be a little step to help sustain different activities locally. The idea is to look for natural and accessible production mechanisms that allow us to multiply chickens by simple methods and the acquisition of natural feed .

To underline that in the process of support and assistance to the communities, ASEM has always been available to create accessible means to intervene in favor of needy children and families.

The water supply system installed within the ASEM Center benefits hundreds of people living in this rural area, thus avoiding long distances to find water.

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