ASEM Schools

What was once the homes for thousands of children (1992 to 2010 ), Macurungo Center and Manga Center, evolved into Educational Centers with primary and secondary school.

Macurungo Primary School

ASEM’s primary school "Jorge José Traquino” (***) provides education to children for over twenty years and is teaching from grade 1 to 7. The school gives a special attention and support to orphans and children living in situation of vulnerability.
Thousands of children have had the opportunity to graduate after conclusion of our Macurungo School.

***) Following a fatal car accident of our former director and "Father" to thousands of Children, ASEM decided to nominate its schools after him, “Jorge José Traquino - Macurungo School " and "Jorge José Traquino - Manga School ", to honor him and the great work he has done to contributed to make a better World.

The Macurungo School year 2018 started with 1260 students, including 673 girls. The Ministry of Education pays the salary (since 2007) of the 22 teachers that are lecturing the children.  ASEM is paying the administrative staff of the School and its functioning. At this moment we have a total of 7 classrooms.


At the beginning of the 2018 school year, 54 students had enrolled in the evening course, secondary education, to which 26 others were added during the first quarter for a total of 80 students, of whom 37 are boys and 43 are girls.  In the evening course, 9 professors teach Portuguese, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Visual Education.

Manga Primary & Secondary School

For the 2018 academic year the school is organized in three shifts; in the morning two shifts of primary education and in the afternoon one shift of secondary education.

The school enrolled 2012 students, 1070 girls and 942 boys. 
There are 759 Primary Education students and 1253 Secondary Education students.

The school employs 40 teachers distributed in different classes, from primary to secondary education, and 9 workers for the operation of the school.

ASEM's Schools have had a great support from the social sector of ASEM and the community. 

Higher Education - University

Cecilia Raul Mario

She studies psychology and is in her third year of university studies at the Pedagogical University of Beira.

ASEM supports 14 students in different universities in 2018

Domingos Luis Joao

He studies English and attends the first year at the Pedagogical University of Beira.

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