Maphangue I

A plot of land of 47 acres (19 ha), where we are progressively planting crops, moringa trees and fruit trees.

The children are learning how to plant crops and to take care of animals. The goal is to teach them how to make a "home garden" and increase alimentary self-sufficiency.

The crops produced by the agricultural team serve partially to prepare the food for the children, beneficiaries of the Kindergarten and the Majianza Cultural Center. This offers not only a good and healthy nutrition, but also helps to increase the self-esteem of the children who learned producing it.

Maphangue II

Raising animals - pigs, goats, ducks, fish and chickens are a part of our farm.

Mapinhane I

A plot of land of 30 acres (12 ha), where we are progressively planting corn, crops and fruit trees.

Mapinhane II

We are cultivating tomatoes, eggplants, onions, manioc, green peppers, cabbage, beans, bananas...

Beans "Nhemba", we can eat the beans as well as its leaves; they are delicious and healthy greens.


A plot of 7.5 acres (3 ha), where we are mainly planting garlic, mandioc and corn.

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